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Hell mates heaven…

Desires dream,surge towards heaven

But always end up at hell.

Once hell mates heavenĀ 

And gives birth to death the eternal bliss





He went to bank for a drop of water,

to quench his thirst…

There he drank the whole river

and vanished himself in the river.


A Witness

An abode that perishes one day

looks beautiful to many.

But inside that beauty there’s ugliness.

It seems ugly to some others,

yet that ugliness has a beauty.

Enter into that abode

there’s a chatter box

which often turns itself into a begging bowl,

at times a peaceful heaven then into a mine field,erupts as a volcano.

Keeps it’s master captive in it’s own dark cell.

One day a lightning inside

breaks the cell and frees the master totally.

Master watches and the abode tastes silence

a new poem breathes life


When he meets her…

When a man says “I love You” to a woman,

he yearns for her body.

By and by

he gathers her consent.

She feels guilty

when he tries to conquer her body

Love doesn’t happen there.

Off and on it happens

Then she accepts it as a ritual and

he makes it habitual

love doesn’t happen ever

Love happens

When one waits

patiently waits for it

When love is

lovers are not



The face looks in the mirror,
sees its own image,laughs at it and turns it’s back to it.
But truth beckons…
when the face falls,the mirror reflects the whole around.
If the mirror falls,many an ugly face is reflected all around.